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“Ingrid has a very special gift on explaining things that can be very complex... in very very easy ways..."

she will work with you through a whole program during eight weeks. So you can go ahead and build your brand,
build your message, relay this message and completely shift and change your image to really reflect the best you to that there is.”

alessandra santos - energy alchemist and breathworker

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hey, I'm Ingrid

I am a Brand Strategist and Soulpreneur committed to your success. I have been working with Wellness and Holistic brands for the past 4 years, helping them to develop stronger, sustainable and irresistible Brands.
I am an incredible resourceful entrepreneur with a 10 year Corporate Tech background. 

My mission is to guide entrepreneurs like YOU to rise, activate and embody all your gifts, to co- create a thriving Online Business, Irresistible Brands so you can become financially abundant and keep co-creating and making an impact on the world
Through my unique blend of abundance Mindset work, Strategy and High-End Brand design that you need.

Brand strategist & web designer
International Content Creator 
Yoga teacher / Wellness Advocate
10 year Former Corporate Consultant 

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brand strategy / web direction & design, brand photography

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brand strategy / branding

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Through Aesthetic Web design + Brand Strategy + Education and High level Abundant support

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