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We love building Iconic Brands

We are a Boutique Agency based in Panama, dedicated to help the Visionary, Conscious entrepreneurs elevate and build Iconic Brands. We are a small team of experts dedicated who believes everyday in doing extraordinary work from Strategy to Design.

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hey, I'm Ingrid

I am a Soul-Led Entrepreneur committed to see your Brand succeed.

I have been working with  Holistic and Visionary brands for the past 4 years, helping them to develop sustainable, remarkable and Unique Brands....
Through our unique blend of Strategy, Art Direction, Design & Web Development.

My Motto: "Only only only do Extraordinary Work" 

Creative Director & Designer
digital artist
Holistic Mentor
10 year Former Corporate Consultant 

testimonials / impactful experiences

"Without an intensive amount of time, but more a very smart investment of time we were able to produce something I truly love and represents me and my company the right way.....

Ingrid's unique talent is the mix between very clear structure, pragmatism but above all patience and ability to adapt, even to tech and time challenged clients as me!

Maria Fernanda Paz y puente @why_strategy

“Ingrid has a very special gift on explaining things that can be very complex... in very very easy ways..."

she will work with you through a whole program during eight weeks. So you can go ahead and build your brand,
build your message, relay this message and completely shift and change your image to really reflect the best you to that there is.”

alessandra santos - energy alchemist and breathworker

helping VISIONARY ENTREPRENEURS become wildly in demand.


Through Aesthetic Web design + Brand Strategy + Education and High level Abundant support

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