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Intensives take place over the course of one day as a collaborative effort. I design in real time, and you provide feedback throughout the day to guide the process. By the end of the day, you will have a complete brand suit or website which you can use the very next day.

Strategic Brand Identity Design in One Day


Brand Design Intensive Timeline

Once you inquire and we decide brand design intensive is a good fit for your business, we will begin some prep work. I'll send you an in-depth questionnaire to give us a good starting point. Based on your answers and some of my own research, I will prepare a couple of mood boards that I think would be a good fit.


01. Introductions & Prep Work

After that, we will schedule a 30-minute prep/strategy video call where I will present the mood boards and color palettes. We will also go through the priority list for the actual design day. I will explain how the day will work and what to expect. Then, you will select the mood board and color palette we will be using.

02. Prep/Strategy Call

On your design day, I will begin in the morning working through your logo design. After a few hours, we will hop on a video call where I will share my screen and present what I have been working on. We can work through any small tweaks in real time, and any major adjustments, I will hop offline and then represent to you. The last hour of the day, I will package all your final files.

03. Design Day

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What Is The Difference Between A Design Intensive And Custom Strategy And Design?


Custom strategy + design includes a ton of steps, presentations, and phone calls where we take a deep dive into you and your business. In this type of project, we will go through fully flushed out concepts and revisions. This results in a much lengthier process, requiring a lot of time and commitment. This service is best for established businesses.

In an intensive structure, we are able to pair all of that down into a days worth of design by cutting out most of the back and forth with revisions that might happen with full custom design. At the end of the intensive process, you will receive all the essentials of a 'starter brand' to give you the basics to get started building your business. Design intensives are great for newer businesses 3 years and younger.

What Do I Receive At The End Of The Design Day?

With this type of intensive project structure, I can not guarantee specific deliverables. However, in all my previous design intensives, I have at least completed a full brand including your main logo, alternate logo, color palette, and typography suite. Depending on how the day goes will determine what specific deliverables you will receive. Things that factor into this include the response time from the client, the intricacy of the design itself, the client's ability to make final decisions, etc.

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