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Hiring Ingrid for a 1:1 coaching program was the best decision I made for my business! I had no direction, strategy and systems in place. Through her guidance and tools (especially her tech knowledge) I feel after 12 weeks working with her, I can persue continuously my online business with confidence. I also appreciate the fact that through her coaching skills, I realized myself issues without her giving me the answers. I found this to be an important quality of a good coach. Furthermore her calm and structured personality resonated very much with me which made the journey very enjoyable! Thank you Ingrid!

- Angela Kim - Yoga Teacher & Holistic Health Coach

Hiring Ingrid for a 1:1 coaching program was the best decision I made for my business! 

This is the second time I worked alongside Ingrid for coaching in my business. She is a star in the sky that helps to lead you to the place you are trying to go. I had all the tools I needed to be successful, but I had NO idea how to do it. I tried to do it on my own, but I wasn’t going anywhere. With her guidance and expertise, I launched my first coaching program with confidence and undoubtedly a successful plan for continuing growth. When I feel stuck again in my business, Ingrid is the first person I will come to in the future.

- Marikka Zavas -

With her guidance and expertise, I launched my first coaching program 

Ingrid is an incredible coach!  She’s kind  and at the same time her knowledge provides the support that I need to manifest my dream holistic business. I highly recommend her! She’s simply the best! 💫

- Simone Meirelles -

I am extremely thankful for Ingrid's patience, encouragement and support during the SBA program. These wonderful 10 weeks have given me insightful direction to balance my energy mindset and trust my journey as a Holistic Alchemy Coach. It has given me the courage to fuel my fire so that I can positively bloom in 2021!

- Juliet T. -

My dearest creator, you are ready for more

To set up that Brand foundation for your Online Holistic Business, and gain complete clarity of your what to do next

Develop Irresistible Offers from being YOU. Authentic.

Have an aligned strategy to reach your audience and learn how to Position your Brand as the Leader in your Area, your zone of genius in the Holistic space.

Gain confidence to show up, and clarity on your Social media visibility plan
and Content planning.

Have accountability, guidance, support, because you are ready for it.

What is inside...
Weekly sessions of Intensive Mindset aligned Strategy, Implementation and Support 

This is perfect for you if you are a Holistic Mentor looking to fast track their progress, set up the foundation of your Holistic Business with the right strategy and support you need.

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- Weekly  Private Mentoring + Coaching Sessions via Zoom
- Voice & Messaging Support: Daily (L-V) access to Ingrid, for answering any doubt or question through voice or text message (Whatsapp or Voxer app)
- Video Recordings of each session (Lifetime Access)
- Resources, worksheets, checklist, to take action and keep you accountable each week.

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