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In today’s digital age, having a strong online presence is essential for the success of a Health & Wellness personal brand business. A well-designed and functional website can serve as a powerful tool to attract customers, showcase products or services, and establish credibility. When it comes to building a website, two popular options often come […]

August 17, 2023

Squarespace vs Showit which is best for your Health & Wellness personal brand?

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To create a successful eCommerce Home page might sometimes seem easy, but in the practice, it may be a bit daunting. You have to be aware of some characteristics that make it appealing to your potential clients. The Home page is the place where you start the purchasing journey (most of the time), so having […]

September 24, 2021

5 tips for a SUCCESSFUL eCommerce Home Page

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Behind the studio: Ingrid del Pilar

Ingrid is a seasoned tech consultant turned Brand/ Web Designer and content creator.

She has been working with wellness entrepreneurs, artisans and creative young brands for the last 5 years, from content creation, to rebuilding brand identities and websites.

Her work is blend of strategy, quality service and the power of aesthetic visuals.

*Ingrid is currently based in the South of France.

For Creative collaborations don't hesitate to send an email