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holistic business color palette

Colour is one of the most important elements when we talk about branding. It is a way to express the personality of your holistic business to the audience, just like you do your makeup or the way you dress. Every brand you know from the tiniest to the biggest has a colour palette, tones that […]

How To Choose Brand Colours For Your Holistic Business

holistic coach

Your possibilities are endless, whether you are a coach, a mentor, a healer, a transformational facilitator, I know you have a great potential to stand out however it seems something in your mind that keeps saying: “someone is already doing it better…” Here is the truth no one is telling you, It doesn’t matter how […]

3 Key Things That Will Make You Stand Out as a Holistic Entrepreneur

cliente ideal igual a ti

What Brand adjectives would you use to describe your business? When working with new clients, I ask them to describe what emotions they want their business, personal brand to convey. Which words best describe what your brand must convey? Deciding on 3-5 meaningful adjectives to characterize your brand can help you discover how to connect […]

70 Brand Adjectives List to Describe your Brand

Creating a Brand Strategy as a new Conscious Entrepreneur takes more than just having an Instagram Account and a Logo. It might look like a simple process, or you probably might think like you don’t really need one… please don’t believe this! Here are my tips after helping Wellness, Holistic, Spiritual Service providers build and […]

How to do Brand Strategy For Conscious Entrepreneurs

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